Rabbit Control

Reducing Rabbit Density to Protect Bio-Diversity

We have been successful in securing funding from DELWP to undertake rabbit control works. Control efforts will be focussed in the Meredith/Steiglitz area, as these have been identified to achieve the best cost-benefit outcomes. 

In our landscape rabbits are almost ubiquitous, and with them come all of their detrimental effects. Overgrazing, soil erosion, spreading weeds, competing with native fauna, reduced species diversity, preventing native plant species regeneration. 

Reducing rabbit populations in our target area will address all of these issues that rabbits are known to directly contribute.

The Project Area

(Project area shown in blue)

The Control Program

The control program itself will consist of baiting and fumigation of burrows on 780ha of private property.

Best Practice Management tells us that effective Rabbit control involves impacting the whole Rabbit population, significantly impacting the populations capacity to breed and slow the rate of reinvasion. This program will do so by destroying warrens by fumigation which is essential to a successful control program.

We have opted to fumigate rather then destroy warrens with machinery or implosion. After discussions with representatives from Wadawurrung Traditional Owners who prefer the use of fumigation to prevent the potential destruction or disturbance of cultural heritage.

Want to be a part of the program?

Rabbits don’t stay within property boundaries, it is always more effective when we can involve as many landholders as possible. 

If you, your neighbour, or someone you know lives in the project area above. Please get in touch to discuss involvement in, and the benefits of participating in this control program.