Supporting you to sustainably manage your land for production and biodiversity

Whether you’re a broad acre farmer or an urban resident, we offer support. Planning your first revegetation project or planting another shelterbelt. Jackson our coordinator is available to offer advice and guidance. 

Our membership cost is $15 annually. 

This gets you access to native plants, education, financial assistance, wildlife projects, advice and guidance from our coordinator when you need it.

What can you get from Landcare?

Free native trees & revegetation planning assistance

We distribute native plants every year to our members. Also receive personalised advice on what species to use and how to plan your planting.

Financial Assistance

Access to grant funding to control weeds, pest animals and revegetation. 

Community Education

Increase your knowledge of sustainable land use, production and conservation while meeting like-minded people. 

Citizen Scientists projects

Contribute to important data gathering projects. Information gathered influences better management decisions for our landscape.